How do I access online payments?

On the top navigation tab on the schools website, click "Make a payment". By selecting this link, you will be taken to the secure SALCC E-payment page.

You will no longer be in the school's website.

The payment process is intuitive and follows the format of many other online payments that are used every day. You will need:

  • Your SONISWEB credentials (Student ID# and PIN) to make tuition payments.

  • The email address of the person paying the transaction e.g. parent/relative/benefactors/students.

What can I pay online?

  • Tuition fees

  • Other School or Special fees

  • Miscellaneous fees

  • Transcript fees

  • Short course and seminar fees

  • Defensive Driving fees

Who can use the online payment system?

  • Students

  • Parents or relatives of the students

  • Scholarship providers, benefactors, and other payers

*Only students who have already been assigned with their respective Student IDs can use this facility.

Why do I need to enter my SONIS credentials?

Your SONIS credentials distinguishes you as it is unique to you. Student information is kept on a secure website, therefore access requires a username and password.

I don't know my SONIS credentials. What is it?

All students are issued login credentials upon acceptance into the College. Please contact Student Services at email studentservices@salcc.edu.lc for assistance with your credentials.

Why do I have to enter the student's details each time I make a payment, isn't it stored in the system?

When you make a payment you are in a secure E-payment website, for privacy and security of data no student details are maintained within the E-payment site. You must enter the details with each payment.

The screen keeps displaying the data I have just completed, it is not moving on.

Please ensure that you have entered the correct Student ID # and/or PIN. The PIN is case sensitive.

The screen on my mobile phone is different to the screen on my computer. Why?

The screens on mobile phones and tablets are designated as mobile friendly and are easier to use.

Does the school see my credit card details?

No. The credit card details are masked on any report to the school eg XXXX XXXX XXXX 1111

Can I use debit card or PayPal for payments?

Payments can only be made using VISA or MasterCard credit or debit cards. American Express, Diners Club are NOT accepted. PayPal is NOT a payment option using this process.

How will I know if my payment is successful?

You will receive an email notification regarding the status of your payment. The status may be Transaction Pending, Transaction Successful or Transaction Failed.

What may be the cause of a “Transaction Failed?”

  • The card being used may have insufficient funds.

  • You might have entered the wrong ATM card number or PIN.

  • The card is either stolen or reported stolen thus, it was earmarked by the issuing bank as stolen or lost card.

  • The card has a transaction limit. Some of the issuing banks may impose card usage limit, which means, it is possible that the customer has exceeded the limit/threshold usage during the time of the transaction.

If my payment transaction failed, can I try again?

Yes, you can still try another payment transaction.

When does my account get debited?

Your debit/credit card will be debited immediately after successfully completing the transaction and the charge will appear on your statement. The payment will show against your Student account within 4 to 5 working days.

Can I request for a refund?

Please refer to the Refund Policy of the E-payment service.

I have made a payment in error. How can I cancel it?

Contact the school and request that they cancel the transaction. This can be the same day that the transaction was processed or within 24 to 48 hours.

If I select "Make a Payment" and the screen does not change, who should I contact?

Contact the school’s technical team at epaytechsupport@salcc.edu.lc or call

+1 758 457 7378 for assistance.

I haven't used online payments before. Is it difficult?

No it is not. The payment process has been developed to be very user friendly. It follows the format of many other online payment screens.

I am having difficulties using online payments with my Mac.

Try updating your browser to the latest version.

My session has timed out.

If you are delayed in making a payment you will be logged out and will need to recommence the process.

I am having difficulty paying online.

Please contact the Finance Office at email


Can I pay my tuition fees by any other way?

If you are unable to pay online, tuition fees can be paid at the College between 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday, via cash or debit/credit card or into Sir Arthur Lewis Community College account # 904120789 at any Bank of St Lucia branches.